About Us

Cary Stockdell - CEO - Stockdell Stringer - SPHR

Award-winning, global talent, and change leadership consultant. Sought after speaker with over 30 years of leadership in talent acquisition and executive coaching. Skilled in successfully completing challenging and confidential leadership searches and coaching engagements.

Deep energy, technology, and manufacturing experience in large and small companies. Unique HR, general management, and international assignments provide a strong bottom-line business perspective rare in the HR world. Cary is certified in several nationally recognized HR programs including a Lifetime Senior Professional in Human Resources and has supported many advisory and non-profit Boards.

Cary has distilled his extraordinary experiences into sustainable practices that dramatically increase leadership awareness and effectiveness that drive improved individual and company performance.


Chris Stockdell - Executive Recruiter Stockdell Stringer

Chris enjoys over 10 years of leadership and technical recruiting experience. His passion for aligning careers with great opportunities has placed him among the best recruiters in the nation.

Advisory Council 

Our Advisory Council includes senior executives who have been highly successful in the acquisition and development of leadership talent. Equally as important, they are lifelong friends that have shared and continue to share career adventures.

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Hank Stringer - Co-Founder Alioth Executive Search Consultants


 Hank Stringer has four decades of experience as a successful Visionary & Innovator in the creation and use of Internet technology for the recruitment industry. Hank is a nationally recognized thought leader and speaker. Hank has built a successful business on his foundation of integrity and amazing competence in the search field.  

Mike Mayeux - Founder, Principal and Executive Search Consultant for Excutio

For over 30 years Mike has played a leadership role in developing talent acquisition companies. His team built one of the earliest and most successful  Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers in the US and continues to be the largest in Texas. His business acumen, highest ethical standards, and leadership is a model for today's business executive. 

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Paula White - CEO - DataMasters 

Paula has been an industry leader in the IT Search space for over 35 years. Her exceptional business reputation is built on providing outstanding leadership and technical talent for progressive, international companies. Paula has placed countless executives and IT professionals that have gone on to be leaders in their industry.

Greg Anderson - Retired SVP HR Roper Technologies 

Greg has held executive HR leadership roles in Fortune 50 companies. His experience is as a key strategic partner and trusted advisor to executive teams and their Board of Directors.  He is a versatile business and human resources executive with extensive experience across multiple segments and industries, including managing businesses. 

Paddy Mallan - Petrofac Director - Retired


Paddy has held executive and Board Level Leadership roles in both Operating and Support Services oil and gas companies. His 40 years of global experience have led him to the North Sea, Alaska, The Middle and Far East. Paddy has established and grown business relationships through effective Continuous Improvement and Change Management Programmes.

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